Great news for all fans of Red Faction Guerrilla! As THQ Nordic confirmed (and announced), Red Faction Guerrilla is getting a remaster and this enhanced version will be coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC around the second quarter of this year. The title will be "Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered".

Along with the basic game, we should expect to see plenty of new features as well. Of course, the graphics should be slightly improved and they should have a full 4K support so that we can enjoy the game (once again) in a full, modern setting that is following the latest (gaming) standards.

Maybe we see some improvements to the core mechanics of the original game but I think they should remain the same. So, once again, expect to see all kinds of Martian landscape and a gameplay where you will have to think twice before making a certain move. Basically, all the virtues that made the original Red Faction Guerrilla so great. I am not sure what to expect from multiplayer either but I think it's a safe bet to say that we will see an identical gameplay to its original counterpart there as well.

As we said, Red Faction Guerilla Re-Mars-tered will be hitting all the latest consoles and PC in the second quarter of 2018. We can already feel the excitement all around us, what about you?