The 2018 FIFA World Cup will not be the only world cup that we are looking forward to seeing. Nope, Overwatch World Cup 2018 will be just as exciting for both the players and the viewers as well, we can guarantee!

Blizzard have officially rung the bell and, from this moment all the way until April 28 (that is when the Competitive Season 9 will get its conclusion), the average skill rating of top 150 players in each country will be tracked by the developing (and publishing) giants. Once that is done, the 20 best competitors will face off against each other in the World Cup Tournament.

The Group Stages will be hosted by the US, Thailand, South Korea and France respectively. That means that all of these countries will already have their entrants in. In case all of them also manage to reach top 20 (and that will certainly happen), we will get players from countries that are ranked between 21st and 24th spot as well. That will raise the number of participants to 24. So, the number of participants in the World Cup Tournament will also depend on how many "direct" qualifiers will make it there as well. In any case, the next step involves the formation of a National Competition Committee. This organization includes a Blizzard's GM, a coach that is selected by the top 150 players themselves and a Community Lead that is selected by the voting process that takes place in each country). The full results of the voting process will be known on May 31 and, soon after that, we will see the first player tryouts (from June 15 all the way until July 5). Even the members of the Overwatch League will (obviously) be allowed to take part.

We will follow this event closely but, until the real thing begins, make sure to check out the following link for all the needed info.