A new Destiny 2 update (Go Fast) has hit the live game and it's bringing many new tweaks and updates that should, hopefully, make Bungie's epic multiplayer shooter even more ground-breaking.

Josh Hamrick revealed some developer insights that covered the latest patch and, as he noted, they had a completely different approach to weapon balance tweaking this time around. Namely, there were no nerfs being implemented this time (hooray!) but, instead of that, everything is scaled to the exact same level. At the same time, Power Ammo has been improved (in order to make the whole gameplay more fast-paced), the character movement is increased (and for the exact same reason) and some Super abilities are modified as well.

As he also added: " This is a motion towards what we all believe is the right direction, and I think this update, especially for sandbox, is by and large the biggest version of that. We want to make a game that we all love". We want the same dear Bungie, never doubt that!

I still haven't tested these updates in person but I will make sure to fix that right away. The game is still a blast to play and, even though many people are still chewing through massive chunks of current content, we already have some rumors going around regarding the next expansion. No info is known yet but, if these insiders are correct, the new expansion will be titled as "The Fallen Warmind". We'll just have to wait and see, I guess!