As many of you know already, Far Cry 5 has been officially released today and, in order to celebrate this special occasion, Ubisoft have compiled a smashing launch trailer to get us even more hyped up.

As we also know, the basic plot of Far Cry 5 takes place in a fictional region called Hope County. You take control of a Sheriff's Deputy and you need to eradicate the fanatic Eden's Gate (and their leader Joseph Seed) in order to free your people from the curse of these religious crackheads.

The basic goal may seem to be overly simplistic but, you will need to make some allies if you plan to stand a fair chance against your vicious foes. This sandbox-style of gameplay allows you to do many different things such as recruiting different followers, sneaking past the enemy lines, side-activities (like fishing) and, obviously, blowing up everything on sight.

The launch trailer is also really well-made and, even if you're not a Far Cry fan, you will certainly be blown away (yep "blown away"....get it?) by the epicness of this cinematic. Here, just watch (oh, and if you DO survive in the end, make sure to get the game ASAP!)...