Is anyone really surprised to see this? As CD Projekt Red announced, the entire Witcher trilogy managed to set an impressive sales record with more than 30 000 000 copies sold until this point. What a number!

As you may expect, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is the absolute leader here. This game alone managed to generate (more than) 10 times more revenue than the second game in the franchise (The Witcher II: Assassins of Kings). At the same time, The Witcher II generated 4 times more revenue than the original Witcher game that kickstarted the whole franchise.

Also, according to these sales records for The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt, the game (unsurprisingly) had the best performance on PS4 (in 2015, that is) and, on the other hand, it was ultra-dominant on PC in both 2016 and 2017. The game had very solid sales records when it comes to Xbox One as well but, they were much lower compared to the other 2 platforms.

Let's not fool ourselves, we knew this was happening but, now we also have a confirmation as well. The success of this franchise will definitely be a challenge for all developers that seek to achieve similar results with their (also similar) franchises. Even though we saw the conclusion of this trilogy, we can only hope that Geralt will find another way to give us that ever-needing Witcher action.