In the world of video games this day in age,  we see a lot of things happening. New concepts, old concepts and a lot of multiplayer online genres. With Rad Rogers Thq Nordic brings us a very simple layout mixed with enjoyable adult sense of humor and jokes that make me crack a smile.


Rad is is a typical young boy who loves to play his video games,  maybe a little too much. In the opening scenes we are presented with Rad playing his best friend and trusty console "Dusty", as a long night takes hold of his weary body,  Rad doses off. Being awakened by the noise of his television, he sees that Dusty has been turned on. A vortex appears in his bedroom and he is sucked through. Finding himself in the middle of a real life videogame! Dusty appears before him. He gives Rad a bad ass gun, gives him a speech and turns himself into a backpack  jumps on and grows a set of buff arms.


This is your classic 2D videogame with an array of hidden areas and secret spots. The goal is to find four pieces that form a round shape that resembles a pizza. With those four pieces, you create a key that allows you to traverse into the next level. Your gun is similar to what you would find in Contra. You can find different types of orbs that give a wide variety of gun styles and ammo. Stroll through the level and try to kill all of the enemies and find all of the secrets. This game would be plausible for those who like to complete achievements and 100% a game.

Audience Attraction:

This game will appeal to Joke crackers and smart asses. I thought of more than a couple of friends that would like Rad Rogers. This is probably one of the more creative games that I've played in a while in the sense of creativity.

Final word:

If you are looking to enjoy yourself while not being overwhelmed by a bunch side quests and in depth story lines,  then this is what you should be playing. I had a choice of putting "Must Buy" or "Worth Getting", although I really enjoy this game, I know not everyone will like this type of game, so this was a difficult decision. But I stand by saying this game was enjoyable.