Gamesurge have posted up a review of Mechcommander 2, heres a snippet:

    One of the best things about Mechcommander 2 is the obvious improvement that has gone into the AI. All the commander needs to do now is worry about which way to move each Mech, and where and what to target. The Mechs can now determine their optimum firing range based on their loadout and move in any direction to adjust accordingly. This is a big improvement from MC1 where Catapults would often play statues when an enemy unit got in to close for its LRM pack's to be effective. Enemy AI however is equally as good, they now attempt to flank and gang up on weaker Mechs, aim for target slots such as legs and heads, and most disdainfully, have the annoying habit of taking out sensor equipped Mechs, leaving you virtually blind to the goings on of enemy units outside of your screen.