We still have no idea when to expect the remake of arguably one of the best RPGs ever created but, the folks at Square Enix do their best to keep us updated, we have to give them that.

According to the latest reports, the team is now very close to reaching the "satisfactory levels" of the original graphics. Having that in mind, boys and girls at Square Enix have opened an additional job position so that they can aim for "even higher quality in order to meet the expectations of fans". Sounds quite reasonable indeed.

As they also noted, they plan to " tackle the production of this big title by establishing core members of various positions such as level planner, battle planner, designer, engineer, etc. including existing members of the development team. Interested applicants are expected to work as a core member".

While this is certainly great to see (and read), it would be even better to (finally) get some kind of a time frame that would let us know when to expect the remake as well. But, at least we can be confident that, whenever it does come out, it will definitely be worth (re)playing. At least I hope so.

Don't disappoint us Square!