The insiders at License Source Book Europe were definitely right. Back in early February, we wrote about a possibility of getting the N. Sane Trilogy on other platforms at some point this year but, it was all just pure speculation at that point. Fast forward to March 9 and now we do have an official confirmation from Activision - N. Sane Trilogy is coming to Switch, PS4 and PC this summer!

Even though N. Sane Trilogy was labeled as a PS4 exclusive, that will obviously no longer be the case. As it was confirmed by Nintendo as well, Switch will be the first of these 3 platforms to get this nostalgic bundle. And Activision quickly expanded on the news with the following Twitter post:

...which basically revealed the official date as well.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy was an enormous success on PS4. The sales records exceeded the expectations of even the most optimistic people and the sheer number of nearly 3 million units sold speaks for itself.

I am really looking forward to (re)playing the 3 original adventures of everyone's (or, well, almost everyone's) favorite bandicoot yet again. Let's just hope that the other part of the leak (the speculations about a new Crash Bandicoot game in 2019 as well as a long-term plan for the franchise) will turn out to be legit as well. We will see if Activision confirms that as well but, in any case, I am sure we will have an epic summer with N. Sane Trilogy nonetheless!