That's right Netdevil and Mightygames bring you Jumpgate, I just got a hot of the press bit'o'info from my source in August One. So here it is.

Mightygames launches full version of Jumpgate

Jumpgate takes on Europe exclusively at

Jumpgate, the long-awaited online sci-fi game from Netdevil is now exclusively available in Europe on the online gaming platform Mightygames

( Mightygames is owned and operated by Planetactive GmbH, Dusseldorf, Germany.

Free download

Jumpgate is available as a free download package that includes five days free-of charge gameplay. After this initial free period, the monthly fee for unlimited play is 6.10 GBP. Long-term subscription discounts are available for avid players-at 14 GBP per quarter 14.68 GBP/month), or an introductory special of 47 GBP for one year of unlimited play 13.92 GBP/month). The annual subscription special is available through September 2001.

Credit card payment is easy and secure from any European location.

No ordinary game

Jumpgate, the world's first massive multi-player online science fiction game, is anything but the usual game routine. The blend of tried and tested game elements combined with episodic action and sophisticated refinements of detail make Jumpgate into a truly unique long-term experience.

Jumpgate, which runs on Windows 95/98/2000 and Windows ME and can be played via the Internet, was designed for a theoretically unlimited number of users. The aim of Jumpgate is to gain fame and fortune. To do so, the player has to trade, seek out raw materials and complete missions successfully.

The particular allure of Jumpgate is the fact that its entire universe is constantly in flux and is thus "alive" and very, very real. Just like in the real world, time marches on in the Jumpgate universe and every time a player returns after an absence he finds a slightly different situation. Monthly updates carry the storyline forward and insert surprising new

features into the game. For example, space-time anomalies, new trading goods, newly-discovered sectors and new starships could appear at any time. In this way the game remains interesting and challenging for pilots even after their twentieth visit. In a world this complex Jumpgate pilots need to keep up on current events, and so a dedicated web-site gives them all the latest news on kills, landings, collisions, sales, current rankings

and other vital information.

So check it out if you have a need to be a Starpilot in a reactive and changing Universe!

I've put up a few shots in the Gallery