GTA Online community already got used to getting plenty of amazing goodies on Tuesdays and this one was no exception. As the theme of this week is "Stunt Races", you can expect to see some exotic stunt beasts for really small prices.

You'll be able to get double RP and GTA$ across all Verified Stunt Races as well as Rockstar Created Races all the way until March 12. On top of that, you can also grant your copy of Pegassi Oppressor by logging into the game in this period. I mustn't forget, though, this thingie is only obtainable if you have a Tartan livery.

We also mustn't forget to mention the Premium Race either. The Time Trial will be taking the form of Power Station and you'll be able to compete with Zebra II that is set to Rocket Voltic.

For the very end, let's take a look at the latest round of savings right here...


Annis RE-7B (Super) - 35% off
Dewbauchee Vagner (Super) - 30% off
Emperor ETR1 (Super) - 30% off
Benefactor Streiter (Sports) - 25% off
Tropos Rallye (Sports) - 25% off
Vapid Trophy Truck (Off Road) - 25% off
Pegassi Torero (Sports Classic) - 25% off


Engine Upgrades - 25% off 
Transmission - 25% off 
Brakes - 25% off 
Exhausts (incl. JATO Thrust) - 25% off 
Spoilers - 25% off      
Turbo - 25% off