Do you remember One Finger Death Punch? If you remember this classic 2D rhythm brawler, chances are, you will certainly fall in love with Terrorrhythm as well. Truth be told, however, according to Evil Corporation Games, Terrorrhythm is not really that much about punching and smashing different kinds of grunts to the beat of the tune but more about actually mastering these beats.

The game has a rather simple plot and it's set in the alternative version of the 25th Century (though, it may also become a reality, who knows really?) and it is your duty to fight for your people and protect the free music concept as a medium. The game can be played with a keyboard, a classic gamepad and, believe it or not, the USB dance pad as well.

What makes this game even more interesting is that it allows you to upload your own custom tunes and fight your way in that fashion as well. In that case, all you need is a music track in mp3 format. It will be automatically "converted" to the appropriate dance sequence by the game's own algorithm. In case you decide to follow the story (campaign) mode, you'll be able to tackle it in normal and/or hard mode.

The game is coming later on this month and, if you want to try out a sequel to the original One Finger Death Punch, you will have to wait until next year.

Meanwhile, have a look at this video to cut some time waiting: