Many people (myself included) predicted that the next Battlefield could easily be set in WWII (which makes perfect sense, having in mind the previous title was set in the First World War) and, according to the latest rumors, that's exactly what might happen.

According to the latest report published by VentureBeat, the same source apparently has an insider that revealed that EA is definitely preparing a WWII Battlefield game and, although it was supposed to be called "Battlefield 2", the release title will be "Battlefield V".

It is also expected that EA will certainly announce the whole project very soon. They already announced that a new Battlefield game will be coming at some point this year (most likely the end of the year) and these latest (unofficial) reports just make that whole story feel more complete.

There is yet another source that makes these rumors feel credible and it comes from our friends at USGamer. They went one step forward and they revealed that the new Battlefield game will also include some loot boxes too (they will focus on purely cosmetic content, however).

Take all this with a grain of salt as the whole information is still just a speculation until it gets officially confirmed by either EA or DICE. If it proves to be true, this would be the first WWII Battlefield game ever since the classic Battlefield 1943. We are very excited indeed but we will keep our bottle of champagne closed until we get the official info.