I want to give a big thanks to Darren and Ben for allowing me to be apart of a fantastic team. I have an absolute great passion for gaming and gamers alike. To me this is a great milestone in my life to be a part of something much bigger than me in the gaming community. Thanks to ChaoS Madhouse Gaming and everyone at Games Xtreme. Lets jump into this review shall we?

First I want to say that this game is very technical. A lot of flicking and tapping of buttons. Competitive and aggressive, it is a very different take on motocross. Leaning and tilting your body weight into the dips and curves of the tracks is very challenging. It took me more than a couple tries to actually get the hang of it. I found that letting off the gas around corners and tapping the break helps a lot. As you progress on and start actually trying to win I found various different techniques that helped me. I found myself getting no lower than 15th place and almost won my third race but at the last second crashed and got second. To say the least I started really enjoying the challenge as most seasoned gamers would for the passion to accomplish any game put in front of them.


I love the realness that and smooth ride that Unreal Engine always produces. As I said before the overall controls are for veteran players of racing games in general. That didn't detour me from falling in love with the the way my MX rider took corners or hit the slopes. It was a great experience as I haven't played a motocross game in a long time pushing my limits to take to the tracks better than I did the game before. I could feel every tilt I made with my character as I was landing after coming down from the air I just hit, making it seem as if I could actually ride a dirt bike in real life and what I would have to do to learn from my mistakes. After a couple of games I did find little tweaks and movements that made controlling my character better. I did not think I would enjoy myself as I sat down after a hard day of work, but I did. I think every gamer needs that push to exercise the mind instead of playing games we are used to and not having to think twice about it.


Playing on a 55" 4k hdr tv with an Xbox One X, the graphics are astounding. My fiance walked in and asked if I was watching a movie. The dirt is so vivid I could see every crack and crevice. From the helmets all the way down to the boots, everything looked perfect. While riding on the Suzuki RM-Z 450 that I choose I almost felt as if I were riding front and center in front of thousands of people in the crowd. The power that the six terabytes pushes out is unreal. I'm sure it looks great on other consoles, though this is my experience. If ultimate graphics climax is what your looking for this is the game for those that seek out high quality games as far as graphics are concerned.


As far as customization goes, it isn't as good as I thought a supercross game would be given that it is based on MX riders. You don't really have many faces to choose from, and you can't really customize the face itself. As a gamer I am huge into making my character mine. I just don't get that feeling here. You can choose your height, the name on your jersey as well as your number. You have various types of font you can insert your name and number with along with colors too. Off the bat you cannot even choose the color of you uniform. This was a definite downside for me as I was pumped to see what I had to work with, which wasn't much at all.


Honda, KTM, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha. These are most of the Makes of the dirt bikes you can ride. For the leveling up and sponsorships you can obtain there are many. It would be too much to put in this review. After choosing or being given a sponsor you will have goals every race that your sponsor would like you to do or preform to obtain bonus XP. You can get XP from simply getting air and passing other players or AI's. Good way to try and do better every time you proceed to the next race. Good system as far as leveling up is concerned.

I am glad I took the time to sit down and play this game.

I'd say definitely give it a go.