It's time to get into our seats yet again! Polyphony Digital has released a new update for Gran Turismo Sport and this fresh content includes 12 new vehicles and a whole bunch of new GT League events on top of that.

I looked into the whole assortment of these new "beasts" and WOAH, they really look amazing. The cars that arrived with this update include some truly exotic racers like Toyota MR2, Dodge Challenger R/T '70 and Ford Mustang Mach '71. At the same time, the GT League got some nice "make-ups" in forms like Beginner's League "Stars and Stripes" as well as Porsche Cup Round 2 events.

Speaking of this new content, the latest update added some fresh new layouts (like the layout for the Blue Moon Bay Speedway) and other improvements that are targeted at the gameplay itself. For example, you can hide and edit layers while editing decals with the Livery Editor at the same time. You can also view the gallery in the user information page as well. At the same time, the Sport penalties are now extended to Lobby races as well. There are more things included as well, of course, and I highly recommend checking out the official page.

Gran Turismo Sport is making our tires burn ever since October last year and, looking at these new updates, we are not going to let the game go anytime soon.