Mobile gaming is one of the hottest trends for quite some time now and, really, it doesn't surprise me that more and more developers are looking forward to debuting there. Even the biggest gaming icons like Mario and Sonic...heck even the Pokemon went there so, we should certainly expect more names to join that list.

When I say HAL Laboratory, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Kirby, of course! HAL decided to expand their "portfolio" and produce something small but just as great and unique as it should be. It's a small project but, as some smart people said back in the day "never judge the whole package based on the size only".

Their latest game, Part Time UFO has a rather simple premise but, it also has a very addictive gameplay to keep you hooked as well. You take control of a small humanoid UFO that (somehow) landed around a random location on Earth and is now desperate to find his friends. The game mixes the action and platforming elements really well and it offers plenty of variety and different levels for a game of such a small size. You can really feel the retro vibes all throughout the game as well.

Part Time UFO can be yours for only $4 and it's available on both iOS and Android. If you're looking for a simple (yet) amazing game to kill some time quickly, we highly recommend this one. And I really hope that we will see more games like these on our mobile phones in the (near) future as well.