What would our favorite MMOs be without these micro holidays and other special occasions? Nothing, I tell ya. Exciting days are ahead of the Final Fantasy XIV community as the Little Ladies Day is coming to the live game on March 1 and it will be active all the way until March this year.

Speaking of the event itself, one of the biggest highlights is that Songbirds will be performing yet again and you will be able to join the fun with a bunch of new emotes that were specially crafted for this occasion (Cheer On, Cheer Jump and Cheer Wave). You'll also be able to get some fancy items such as the Siren Song Orchestration Roll and Far Eastern Doll Display.

Square did a great job of describing the whole thing on their website and it reads as follows: "Come one, come all, for a celebration made vibrant with color and singsong! The Songbirds have returned once more to grace the stages of Ul'dah. This year's performance is said to be unlike any other, and a reporter from the Mythril Eye is inquiring after those who would partake in the revelry".

In order to take part in this lovely event, your character needs to be (at least) level 15. Then you just need to visit the Mythril Eye Reporter and start completing your daily seasonal quests. Just make sure you do all of them before everything ends.

All in all, you now definitely have a good excuse to spend countless hours on your PC/PS4 and to leave your boring job and/or school behind (if you didn't have that before already...).