If resetera's inside sources are correct, we may easily get a new Super Smash Bros. and it's set to come to Nintendo Switch at some point in 2018. It also appears that the "base game" will be the Super Smash Bros. game that was released on Nintendo Wii U and the 3DS. The new title will see plenty of improvements compared to the Wii U/3DS title and some new content will be added as well.

Take the entire info with a huge grain of salt but, we should note that the source is definitely trustworthy and I have no doubt that she's on the right track here as well. She was also the same person that "datamined" the full technical specifications of Nintendo Switch quite some time before the console hit the market. Also, we all know how much Super Smash Bros. is popular as a franchise so it has sense to see it on Switch as well.

Here's hoping that we will soon get the official confirmation from Nintendo. There's no doubt that the sales will explode with this one, especially if the roster turns out to be exciting. And, knowing Nintendo, there's no doubt about that either.