As it was officially confirmed by Activision themselves, a highly anticipated DLC for the latest Call of Duty game is coming live to Xbox One and PC on March 1!

Thanks to the contract that Activision signed with Sony some time ago, PS4 players already had a chance to enjoy the new content starting from January already but, very soon, both the Xbox One and PC players will get their own slices as well.

We already wrote about this DLC some time ago but, let's refresh our memory quickly and remind ourselves of what we should expect to see. As we noted earlier, The Resistance will feature a significant number of new content, including 3 brand new maps, a new War Mode map called "Operation Intercept" and a Nazi Zombie-shooting mode, "The Darkest Hour".

Speaking of Call of Duty: WWII, we can definitely (already) confirm that it was a huge success despite the mixed opinions given by different acclaimed critics. The sales records speak for themselves and the revenue that was generated by the latest WWII shooter was measured in billions during the first weekend upon release already.

We will see what will be the next entry in the series but, there are some rumors going on that we are likely going to see Black Ops 4. We'll see, we'll see!