Oh boy, Warcraft III....arguably one of the best RTS games ever made. Who would say that 16 years passed since the release of this game that made even the most non-competitive players strive for more and, even more importantly, a game that brought us a spectacular timeless story that lasts to this day. Not to mention that Warcraft III is, technically, the grand daddy of all MOBAs as well.

When I found out that Blizzard is hosting a Warcraft III invitational event, I had a real "blast from the past" and nostalgia started flowing through me like almost never before. But, yeah, it's happening. As Blizz themselves announced, the invitational event is definitely happening this month and, in fact, it's set for the very end of it - February 27 and February 28.

Remember, the PTR was open last year - 15 years after Reign of Chaos initially saw the light of the day. And now they are pushing everything one step forward. As Blizz themselves said: " We love and continue to support our Warcraft III community, and we're excited to see classic competitors like Manuel 'Grubby' Schenkhuizen, Park 'Lyn' Joon, and Kim 'ReMinD' Sung Sik try out all the new PTR changes for themselves-including balance adjustments to many heroes, widescreen support, and more - all playable now on the PTR!"

The whole thing will be hosted on Back2Warcraft channel on Twitch and here's a list of special attendees that will make the whole thing even more spectacular:

Neo [Observer] Germany
Remo [Observer] Germany
Happy [Undead] Russia
Foggy [Night Elf] Ukraine
HawK [Human] Russia
Effect [Human] Sweden
ReMinD [Night Elf] South Korea
Lyn [Orc] China
FoCuS [Orc] South Korea
LawLiet [Night Elf] South Korea
Grubby [Orc] the Netherlands
MaDFroG [Undead] Sweden
Insomnia [Human] Bulgaria
Tak3r [Orc] Germany

If you're a Warcraft fan, you should definitely tune in and follow this event. I know that nothing really points at Warcraft III remake, but one can certainly hope we will see that at some point too. And, just imagine if they announce Warcraft 4.....well, one can dream!