As Sega just announced, Shining Resonance: Refrain, a game that was an exclusive to Japan only, will finally be coming out in the west this summer as well. According to Game Informer, not only that we are in for a PS4 version but we will also get a Nintendo Switch version as well.

The original game (Shining Resonance) was released in 2014 for PS3 and it was the only title from the franchise to hit Sony's popular console. As a true remake (or "enhanced version" to be more precise), Shining Resonance: Refrain will certainly look, sound and play better than the original game. We should expect some innovations when it comes to the main storyline as we will get a whole new scenario that will have....well, a different approach to the basic plot.

As a true jRPG fan, I am really looking forward to trying this game and I have to applaud SEGA for their commitment on this one. This franchise is well-known for its quality and it's a shame that not everyone could play them and experience them first-hand.

I believe that this is only the beginning and that we may see more of these great region-locked games coming out to the rest of the world. I truly hope so!