It looks like we have a serious trend of having the video game icons appear on the main screen as well. We recently wrote about a Mario movie and, at that time, we had no idea that the same thing is happening to our favorite hedgehog as well. But yes, a Sonic movie is real and it's coming out next year already.

Having all that in mind, though, we don't have plenty of info on what is happening really and we know even less about what to expect really. What we DO know is that this movie will be produced as a cooperation between the executive producer Tim Miller and a producer Neal H. Moritz. The third person who is actively working on this project is Jeff Fowler and this will be the first movie that he directed. The script will be written by Pat Casey and Josh Miller, who are both well-known for their previous work.

We also know that the movie is going to feature both live and CGI elements mixed up in this cinematic project. While a half of me is already looking forward to seeing how it turns out, the other half is having some nasty flashbacks from Sonic 06 and all those human NPCs that were....probably a nice idea but everything turned out really dreadful in the end.

We will see what happens when the next set of info is out, we are certainly looking forward to that. Make sure to check out what The Hollywood Reporter wrote about this subject as well and until then I recommend (re)playing some of the cult classic Sonic games or (even better) a newer game like Sonic Mania to keep that interest alive and kicking.