The Void Rains Upon Her Heart is a interesting and uniquely dark take on the bullet hell shoot em' up genre. You play as an alien girl that's intent on loving the monsters she meets--literally. You shoot actual love hearts and er, love the monsters to death. Strange? Yes. Fun? Yes. Let me explain further.

Bullet hell games, for anyone that doesn't know quite what they are, is a sub genre of shoot 'em up in which the entire screen is filled with enemy bullets. It's a lesson in maneuvering and skill, piloting your way around the screen whilst simultaneously taking down whatever is causing the problem. Void has a smart pacing about it where what could very well be a manic and impossible experience, becomes fun and rewarding.

It's not to say that this game isn't difficult--in my opinion, a high difficulty is the hallmark of most bullet hell titles. The player is forced to multi-task through punishing situations, and in this case, it's only made easier in your head from how lovely the premise of 'loving something' is. You receive 'gifts' from each monster you love (when I say 'love' I essentially mean kill). These are upgrades are random and can stack to help make your journey easier, giving a bit of a rogue-like feel to the game. It doesn't feel senseless with the content involved--the story is really stressed to make the point of your loving clear. It's a very unique take,

The Void Rains Upon Her Heart also allows you to complete challenge modes, and view multiple endings to the story mode. The good people at Veyeral Games are currently promising quite a bit to be added in to, as this is an Early Access title: more bosses, more unlockables--including characters to play. In the case of any shoot 'em up, the addition of STUFF is very nice to have. What could seem like very repetitive gameplay if you're not into the genre, will quickly turn into a quest for completion.

For being an Early Access title, it's polished, fun and already getting some rave reviews. I can't shy away from that myself: The Void Rains Upon Her Heart is an addictive good time, roping you in with a strange story and staying for the sheer fun that is bullet hell. Playing it in the state it's in is a recommend from me--so in looking forward to all the things that will be later added, I put this down as a must-have.