This Fable CCG title was a part of Steam's Early Access ever since last summer but, as things are standing now, the game is just about to become officially released (and free-to-play too, which is a huge plus).

Starting from February 22, you'll be able to pick up the game and join the ride. More importantly, those who participated in the Early Access period will be able to get some Fancy cards and even a Fancy card - all that for free. Yippee!

The game has undergone certain changes during the Early Access period. That is why, for example, the release version will include a brand new emote system that allows you to even fart at your rivals (I had to put that first as you don't really see a feature like that too often) and Heroic Tales - a single-player mode that wasn't present in the early development cycle. On top of that, we are getting an update that will iron out all the bugs that were reported so far (or, well, a good majority of them) and improve the overall stability too.

20 different players can get the Fancy Crazy Cat lady cards until 9 am ET on February 20 by just logging in and...hanging around in the game. The Fancy Restless Spirit card will be available between February 20 (7 pm ET) until February 21 (6:59 pm EST) while the Fancy card pack and the Fancy Bloody Augur will be up for grabs for grabs between February 21 (7:00 pm ET) until February 22 (6:59 pm ET).

Make sure to check out the official Steam page for more info as well. You can even make a purchase already.

Here's a launch trailer to make you even more hyped up: