Kingdom Come: Deliverance is one of the "trending" games at this point and, even on Twitch, we can see a bunch of people having a blast on a daily basis. Still, even though the game was just released, we could see some obvious "pitfalls" here and there. Luckily for all of us, Warhorse noted that as well and they are hoping to fix them all with a series of upcoming patches.

The team made an informative post on Reddit explaining a rather confusing update history and giving out more info on the issues surrounding that. As you may be familiar already, the release version was 1.0 but, as soon as the game hit the market, we saw a very massive update (1.1) that fixed a number of post-launch issues.....but also consumed twice as much space of our previous hard-drives. 1.2 patch is already released on Steam as well as PS4 but we should expect it coming out to Xbox One as well as soon as it passes the certification test.

Patches 1.2.5. and 1.3. are already in the works as well and they should, hopefully, iron out even more issues like some reported quest bugs as well as some R2 button glitches that were reported by PS4 players.

Let's hope that our experience will be even better after these updates become live. If you didn't pick up the game yet, you can get it on Xbox One, PS4 and PC anytime you like. As long as you have money, that is.