Goblins of Elderstone is a cute Steam Greenlit strategy game, where you build, defend and conquer as...you guessed it! -- Goblins. Coined as a "Goblin Tribe Simulator" officially, it's not hard to see right off the bat in which direction the devs are taking you.

The characters themselves are adorable, and only made cuter with the complementing graphics and overall design. It's most definitely a strong point of this title, and can be quite compelling to the curious gamer. The little dudes carry out tasks to make your kingdom grow, or fight for your honor as Goblin King (or Queen!). There's a ton of personality at ground level with the animations of these squirts.

Unfortunately, even in early access this title has a long way to go. I think it's agreed amongst the community that the potential is high--adorable visuals and a great concept, but execution just needs to be there. At 18.99 as the full price tag, Lost Goblin have high hopes for their title, and hopefully not taking us all for a ride.

If pulled off in the final version, this could be an amazing little addition to any library. My advice is to keep a good eye on it, watch it grow and make your decision when the full game comes out. If they can flesh the whole thing out and polish it up--this will easily turn into a must have.