March 27 is getting closer and, although we still can't get our hands on the latest Far Cry, we, at least, get the material that makes us slobber on a regular basis.

As you may be familiar already, one of the main features of the upcoming Far Cry 5 lies in the fact that you can use a bunch of unique freedom fighters to fight for you. Liberating Hope County is, by no means, an easy task and you will need every help that you can get. This crew is there to secure it!

A new compilation that was just released introduces us to some of these unique characters and it lets us see some of their specific traits from a little closer perspective. Namely, you can take a look at the expert huntress Jess Black, a very intelligent lad Nick Rye, a gun expert of...well, quite a questionable intelligence Hurk Drubman Jr. (I don't know why I read "Drunkman" initially...maybe the way he was portrayed had something to do with it) and an adorable dog companion that is Boomer. Let's admit, nothing can pass without "man's best friend".

This video will surely hold our attention until the game comes out. Remember, Far Cry 5 will be released on March 27 for Xbox One, PS4 and (of course) PC as well. There will also be a Season Pass that will include 3 of these unique followers, an episode that will take us beyond the scopes of the Earth, as well as a "zombie-shooting" mode. We got used to that one already so, I guess, no major FPS can go without it anymore.

You can check out the compilation right here: