Conviction is one of the more "diverse" entries in the franchise which is why people have a strong yet divided opinion on it. Whether you love it or hate it, one thing is sure - the game DOES stand out.

If you played the game back at the time of its release or, heck, even if you didn't, you will have a chance to (re)play it now as a proud owner of Xbox One as the game now supports backward compatibility with this console.

If you had an Xbox 360 and if you already have a physical copy of the game, all you have to do now is to put the disc into the drive of your beloved Xbox One and you'll be ready to join the fun in no time. If you have the digital copy of the game, then you just need to hop over to "Ready to Download" tab and access it from there.

And what if you never bought the game in any shape or form whatsoever? Not a biggie! Just go to the Xbox Store and you can grab your copy for as little as £4.49. It should be mentioned that this offer is limited and you should buy the game until February 12 as that is when this special offer will expire.

There's not much to add here except that I really hope Microsoft will keep expanding their portfolio of games with the backward compatibility plan for Xbox One. No matter if the particular entries are super-iconic games or not, it's always good to know that the old bits of your gaming collection don't end up picking up the dust along the way.