Although nothing is confirmed (much less official), we may be getting a new racing game that will feature our favorite blue hedgehog. And, the rumor also has it that Sumo Digital will be orchestrating the entire project once again.

These rumors started circulating last week already and the material that was posted on resetera was strongly hinting at a potential sequel to the latest Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing entry. However, that was quickly put on ice when Sega themselves denied these rumors by issuing the following tweet:

It would really seem like there is nothing to question here but, funnily enough, Zapples (a toy manufacturer from the UK) gave an interview to a German Sonic fan site and they revealed that they are already working on a new set of toys that are connected to a new Sonic racing game that is, according to their own words, coming out "later this year". Remember, the same company already made toys based on the 2 previous games from this (mini)franchise so they are certainly not some "random Joe". Soooo, what did you say again, Mr. Webber?

Jokes aside, really, nothing is confirmed and until that is the case we can only speculate and wonder. There is also a possibility that Webber spoke the truth in his Tweet and that, perhaps, the new Sonic racing game will be titled differently. It's very possible....

But, we will see.... and we will keep you updated (as always), that's for sure.