Big news coming directly from Nintendo. Not only that they will adopt the online payment service for their Switch console in September and not only that the super-popular Mario Kart will soon be available on mobile devices as well (with Mario Kart Tour), it's also confirmed that a new movie featuring our favorite (and everyone's favorite, let's be honest) plumber is being produced!

Now, other than this official confirmation, we still don't have a lot of info about the film itself but, I gotta say, the fact that Shigeru Miyamoto will be involved gives me hope that this one will not end up being a complete failure. Mario deserves to have a proper movie!

Other than Nintendo themselves, Illumination Entertainment is also involved in the production itself. As we noted in the intro, they are best-known for their Minions movies and, although I am not really a huge fan of them, I have to admit that these films are really well done. If these people put in at least half the effort for this particular project, the new Mario movie can't go wrong!

No release date is known yet but I expect the Mario movie to hit our theaters around 2020. It's a bit unrealistic to expect it before that date but, anyway, 3 years isn't really such a long wait. Let us hope for a much better movie than the last abomination of an attempt. And I also hope that we will finally get a movie that will set some standards when it comes to video game movies in general. We know how (un)successful every gaming movie has been thus far and I really believe that this is the moment for that to change. Both the legendary plumber and us, the fans, deserve it!