It looks like Mr. Hazzikostas and the rest of the Blizzard's crew read our latest news entry about WoW and decided to strike back....with nothing less than the official release date (sort of)!

So, what was long speculated is now reality, Battle for Azeroth is set to come this summer and the date will either be September 21 or, if the testing proves to be really successful, even before that date. But, I was definitely on the right track with my own prediction here.

This is not the only thing to be hyped about as you can also pre-order your copy of Battle for Azeroth via the Blizzard Shop as well. BfA comes in two different variants - Standard and Deluxe. Regardless of what version you decide to go for, you will certainly get access to the official questlines that will allow you to unlock the new Allied races (Nightborne and Highmountain Tauren if you are Horde as well as Lightforged Draenei and Void Elves for the Alliance) that will, then, start their journey with their own specific racials (and cosmetics) and at level 20. But, if you decide to go for Deluxe, you will get some additional bonuses like the special faction mount as well as the merchandise that is connected to other Blizzard's games (like Overwatch and Hearthstone). Make sure to check out the shop in order to see full details before you make your (pre)order. Do note, however, that the link provided here leads to the US shop. If you are playing in the EU (for example), you will need to visit the EU shop instead.

Now is the right time to level up your alts (preferably, one of the allied races) and re-experience the fully scaled world from scratch right before BfA hits live. We will keep you updated with all the new information that will keep popping out as the expansion gets closer. Until then....happy questing!