As we already wrote recently, there were some rumors spreading that Anthem will not be released this year although, we noted that nothing was confirmed. Well, the official confirmation came now directly from EA and we are definitely not going to see Anthem this year.

The game is set to come in Q1 2019 and, even though we still don't have the official date, we can now, at least, know when to expect the official release. There were many speculations regarding the development process itself (we wrote about that as well) but, EA has confirmed via Twitter that the reason for the delay is not connected to development itself...

Although many people who were looking forward to this game will surely be disappointed by the (confirmation of the) delay, fear not, as EA has announced that we will get a new Battlefield game near the end of the year instead. We don't have any exact info about that new Battlefield title but, given how popular Battlefield 1 was and given that we already had a proper cover of the WWI theme, we might be getting an epic WWII shooter now. Heck, it may even be called Battlefield 2 just for the sake of it.

We will see whether all this waiting will be worth it and whether Anthem will be the new Destiny or just another overly ambitious game that falls short of many people's expectations. Only time will tell.