It's a fighting game but it's not Street Fighter, it's not Tekken and it's not Injustice. So, what is it? Oh, of course, it's Dissidia Final Fantasy NT! People from Square Enix are surely determined to fill our cover pages each and every week now and....well, they have a damn good reason to do that.

The game was released today and folks at Square surely did a damn good job of putting up an amazing launch trailer to promote the game and make people open their pockets as early as possible. You can take a look at this epic cinematic down below:

If you're still not aware of what to expect from this title, let's sum it all up briefly - Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is a fighting game that allows you to pick your (favorite) character from a truly vast roster that covers many notable and recognizable characters from the series and then fight against other foes in the brawl-type duels. Have you ever wanted to see an epic rematch of Cloud vs.Sephiroth? Well, now you can do just that!

It should also be noted that this game is a direct follow-up to Dissidia Final Fantasy as well as Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, games released for the PSP. At the same time, the game is also a console port of the Japanese arcade title Dissidia Final Fantasy that was released back in November 2015.

Grab your copy of the game as soon as you can and, of course, let us know what YOU think of it.