February 6 is getting closer and closer and I am personally just as excited to try the remake of the cult Shadow of the Colossus as I was excited to play the original incarnation on PS2 back in the day. Shadow of the Colossus is a true work of art and a masterpiece that is hard to replicate but, according to reports coming directly from Bluepoint Games, these folks are definitely committed to creating a true remake that will fully replicate the well-known atmosphere of the original game.

What impressed me the most is that the developers confirmed that the remake will use the same code as the PS2 version of the game. And not only that, they fixed some of the bugs that were present in the original game and improved the code as a whole in order to make it run (more) properly on the modern hardware of PS4. But, even with these tiny modifications, the final product will still preserve the authenticity of the cult classic and it will be easily recognizable by the old veteran players. That is amazing!

In an interview given to PSLS, the devs stated the following: "It was an honor to work on such a beloved game and we want to personally thank Ueda-san and the original Shadow of the Colossus team for all the great memories " while also adding that this game will be a "testament to the technical prowess of the original developers". Not so long ago, the team also gave a very inspiring interview to the PlayStation Blog where they described all the goals that were set as soon as the development process began but they also took notes of all the struggles that they faced throughout this journey. It's a very nice read and I really recommend you to check it out here.

As we said already, Shadow of the Colossus remake will be out on PS4 on February 6 and we will see whether all this effort will pay off and whether this incarnation of the legendary game will be able to recreate the fabulous experience of the cult classic. Fingers crossed!