As you already (may) know, Monster Hunter: World was released 3 days ago and, while the PS4 players are enjoying the game without any major distractions, things don't look that good for the Xbox One community.

As it was reported on several different places (Reddit included!), there are some serious matchmaking problems for this game on Xbox One. Capcom is aware of these issues and, although we don't know when we are going to see the appropriate hotfixes being applied, we know that they are working hard to fix these bugs as soon as possible. This is what they announced via their official Twitter account: "Hello Hunters, we're aware of the Xbox matchmaking issues and dev team is actively investigating it, we'll update you as soon as we can. We'll be sure to update this story if we hear anything more on the subject, so keep your eyes peeled". I am not particularly good at analyzing every single bit of what other people report but I am almost 100% certain that we will see these issues being ironed out within the next couple of days at worst.

Although the impressions are still very fresh, Monster Hunter: World started off very promising and the sales (already) speak for themselves. They will certainly go up even more when the game hits PC at a later date (that is something that I'm also eagerly awaiting!). We will certainly keep you updated on this topic and we will keep our fingers crossed for these problems to disappear as soon as possible so that the Xbox One players get to enjoy the game in its full glory (as they should).