We still don't know when the next expansion for World of Warcraft is coming (I still predict that it'll land around late August-early September but...I feel I could easily be wrong as there's no information about beta yet ) but at least we have to admit that Blizzard is doing their best to keep us interested and they aren't lazy about letting us know what their plans are.

As the development of Battle for Azeroth is getting more intensive, we are slowly getting more info on what to expect in the new expansion when it comes to...well, not only the content itself but our favorite classes and specs as well.

In the latest post on their website, they shared some of their plans when it comes to the class design. First of all, we should expect each class to be much more unique going forward. Some of the unique class utilities that were removed as time went on will make their return in BfA. And that's great! As someone who is playing a Frost Death Knight right now, I feel like my class is more like some sort of a "frost warrior" rather than a "dark killing machine" created by the Lich King himself. So, reading these lines of the latest report certainly makes me happy.

When it comes to the specs, as Blizzard revealed, there won't be too many changes in the next expansion and the basic concepts of all the specs will be present in Battle for Azeroth as well. That is also great as reworking each and every spec every now and then is just turning people away from the game. Especially the casual players (read - the majority of WoW's player base) who don't have enough time to commit to the game to learn and perfect their (new) rotations. Speaking of rotations, this is what Blizzard noted: " As we review talents going forward, we will try to avoid this by having strong resource-generating talents compete with each other, and better limiting the pacing change allowable from any single talent". In other words, one of the primary goals will be to ensure that people have as little downtime as possible regardless of what talents they decide to go for.

Lastly, we will also say goodbye to our artifact weapons too. We knew this was going to happen even before the new Azerite system was revealed (and explained) and, I gotta say, it won't be easy to let go of them even despite certain struggles that I've faced while (endlessly) grinding that sweet AP. But, at least we know that some of the core abilities that were introduced with the artifacts will be present in the next expansion sooo... hooray for that!

We will keep our eye out for what is next in store for World of Warcraft but, Blizzard, it's about time you finally tell us when are you planning to launch the expansion.