Star Wars Battlefront II is, undoubtedly, a great game but it faced many problems ever since it was officially launched. The biggest one and, arguably, the most notable one was associated with the unfair advantage that certain players could get by being able to buy crystals with real money. The company had to issue an apology and disable this service. And that happened immediately after the game was launched!

Still, even despite these problems and limitations that were plaguing the game ever since its inception, there is no doubt that EA is pushing hard to improve the overall experience and make you stick around with it as long as possible.

As they published on their website, a recent update added Iden's TIE/LN fighter as a hero starfighter and it also added the Crait map into Blast mode. But, that's not the end, as it seems, as the team is pushing for more updates and this is what we can expect in the future:

A redesigned progression system
- As they noted, the user feedback was crucial here and now they promise to deliver a whole new progression system " that will address many of the things we've seen players asking for". We should expect to see more info on this in March.

Jetpack Cargo game mode - This one is coming in February already and it will feature 2 teams consisting of 8 players, all equipped with jetpacks. They will compete in a " frantic, fast-paced" style, as the devs describe it. This mode will only be up for a limited time period so don't miss out on it.

A new season - There is not much information here other than the fact they will be able to share more information soon. As they wrote, they learned a lot from the first season so they are properly prepared to nail the next one. Hooray, I guess.

We will see what these updates will bring when they hit live. Until then, we can just say - May the force be with you EA....and you as well, fellow players.