Although games like Fortnite and PUBG are practically everywhere nowadays when we speak of the online gaming, an old "blocky" veteran is still riding smoothly and, as it appears, it has no intention of stopping anytime soon. Nobody, not even the devs themselves, predicted that Minecraft would have this kind of success even years later after its release. But, numbers speak for themselves, and Minecraft is certainly one of the most successful games ever created.

This year started off great for the game as the community favorite, Helen Chaing took over the wheel and became the head of Minecraft at Microsoft Studios. She had a very interesting interview with a PopSugar journalist and, among other stuff, she talked about the community as well as the player count increases more and more as time goes by. To be more precise, as Helen herself stated, an impressive number of 74 million players come back to play the game each and every month! " We just recently set a new record in December for monthly active users, so now we're at 74 million monthly active users - and that's really a testament to people coming back to the game, whether it's through the game updates or bringing in new players from across the world". As Helen also adds, it is their goal to keep the community bound and to make it grow even further in the future.

She also spoke about the future of the game in particular as well. The team is planning to implement a new graphics engine, although, it's not yet known when that is coming as it will take some time for the developers to make it work on all the different platforms. " People ask, 'Hey, when is it coming out? Well, I think the thing that we've learned through the Better Together update is that we want it to be perfect when it comes out. So the team is taking the time to iterate and make sure that the experience is at the quality we want it to be by the time we bring it out to our players", Chiang explains. There will also be a Bedrock update coming to Nintendo Switch and, as she added, that update will bring some brand new features to the game, most notably, the Marketplace that will allow you to create your own stories and share them with the community. Another major update that is coming soon is the Aquatic update that will " bring a rich set of new experiences to our players" and, as it was explained, "the update Aquatic is focused on Minecraft oceans".

Speaking of the records broken by Minecraft, the sales numbers are more than impressive. As of this point, the game sold 144 million copies which was enough to make it the second best-selling video game of all time only losing to the iconic Tetris. Could you believe that?

I highly recommend you to check out the full interview here as it's totally worth a read, especially if you're a Minecraft fan.