The Witch and the Hundred Knight was definitely a memorable game but it did have its fair share of flaws. Still, it didn't stop the developers to put up a sequel. The second game was released for the Japanese market only (in February 2017) and now we will get a chance to play it on our consoles as well.

The story begins when a mysterious (yet vile) disease starts spreading around Kevala. This illness appears to be affecting little children and it manifests by creating a third eye on these unfortunate souls. And, if the eye is open, the victim will immediately transform into a witch! The main protagonists who are leading the story are 2 sisters named Amalie (who hates anything connected to witchcraft in general) and Chelka (let's just say that this used to be Amalie's sibling before she turned into a witch). This charismatic duo will have a very difficult task to solve and, judging by their differences, you can expect one hell of a journey!

And, just like in the original game, you will get to control the legendary Hundred Knight yet again. The combat varies a lot and you are able to use 5 different weapon types - swords, spears, lances, hammers and staffs. You can also use some powerful combo maneuvers for even more effective attacks. Your basic objective is to protect Amalie and Chelka. You will be able to upgrade your weapons and make them more powerful but, even Hundred Knight himself can also become stronger which will make the enemy-slashing process much easier.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 is coming out on March 27 in the US and March 30 in Europe. The platform is (of course) PS4. You can watch the trailer down below: