All the fans of Civilization VI were eagerly waiting for more info on the latest expansion and 2K is finally answering those pleas in the latest cinematic teaser.

There are several brand new features that we can safely mark as "trademarks" of this upcoming update and the first on our list is the Great Ages system. This mechanism will effectively reflect all the decisions you make across various different eras. If you were a wise and tactical leader, you will surely end up enjoying the prosperity that the new eras are bringing. But, if you were a tyrant, you may easily doom your entire nation in the dark times to come.

The effort you put in to build up a stable civilization will also have a huge impact on the future as well. There is also a whole new type of Golden Age called "Heroic Age" coming up in this expansion as well.

The loyalty system is also revamped and now you will really need to work hard and be consistent in order to win the sympathies of your people. By playing smart, you can unlock some sweet bonuses but, by being reckless, you may easily end up turning the entire population of your city against you. They may even join another empire if they become independent.

Another new feature coming up with this expansion includes governors who have their own unique abilities as well as promotions. There will be a grand total of 7 different governors joining each faction and you will have a choice between leveling up a new one and improving the already existing one. Keeping ties with your allies will be much more rewarding as well and you can expect some nice rewards if you manage to keep them at your side for a longer time period.

We are very excited for this expansion indeed and we will make sure to check out all these updates first-hand on February 8. Until then, have a look at the teaser: