Everyone and their mother knows what PUBG is by now and the game is enjoying a tremendous success on both PC and Xbox One. Despite some issues that were regularly being pointed out by the community when it comes to Xbox One, it didn't affect the sales numbers at all. The fact that there are so many players online at any given time during the day has, in fact, put additional pressure on the developers to polish out the experience even further and to eradicate any potential bugs in a record time as well.

And indeed, it's happening! A new update has landed today and it's meant to fix some major game-breaking bugs that were happening to some people who were modifying the control system of the game while playing it on Xbox One. This update will allow you to aim down your weapon's sight if you hold LT.

Also, if you hold LB, you will be able to aim down your sight in a true 3rd person manner. The Bluehole has also updated the controller guide in order to accommodate these updates. When it comes to the weapons in general, this update will allow you to select the pistols by simply pressing up on your D-Pad. On top of that, most of the major weapon bugs have been addressed and fixed as well.

In order to see full info on what's coming with this patch, I strongly recommend you to check out the official patch notes on the very forums of PUBG. There are more updates to come in the future as well and we are already anticipating the next one that will, hopefully, raise the whole bar even further. Until then, let's consume this one and enjoy it to the fullest extent!