One of the most anticipated games (especially if we are talking about PS4) is certainly the newest God of War. We were eagerly waiting for more news about this upcoming wonder while (re)playing the older adventures of Kratos in order to keep our interest going. And, finally, we do have more news! Not much but, hey, at least it's the first step!

Sony has finally revealed that they would soon be able to tell us the exact release date for the long-awaited God of War 4. What we do know is that the game is certainly coming out this year and we will likely get no delays. It's not really a reason to open a champagne just yet but it certainly is something. The very localization chef for Japan and Asia has confirmed that the official date will be revealed very soon.

The newest God of War will be, sort of, a new beginning for the franchise. Kratos will return (obviously) but he will fight along with his son against hordes of monsters that come directly from the Nordic mythology. Perhaps we are going to see his boy taking up the lead role in the future? Could be, that is my bet, at least.

We will definitely keep an eye out for the official date and we will give you an update when the time comes.