When you manage to make even Jeff Kaplan amazed...you know you have something big!

It's always highly inspirational when you see fan-made content but, really, Blizzard's fan base is one of a kind. The sheer amount of creativity that the most talented fans put in creating various different material for games like Diablo, Starcraft, World of Warcraft and even Hearthstone is truly amazing. As a new child on the block, Overwatch has a rapidly growing community and it doesn't lack any of these creative fan projects that are regularly found in the previously mentioned games.

The latest....I can freely say work of art comes from Joshua Llorente. This talented 3D artist created an Overwatch-inspired map Cairo that looks simply amazing. Make sure to watch the video down below:

Even if you didn't play Overwatch, you are probably well familiar with the art style of this game. This amazing mash-up of traditional Egyptian architecture and modern urban settlements looks exactly like one of the maps that came out directly from the studios of Blizz's own animators. In case you are wondering, Llorente created this map by using Unreal Engine 4 but there are some touches in Maya as well.

His creation was published on his own portfolio page as well as the Overwatch reddit page. Among many people who praised this outstanding effort, one name could not be ignored - Jeff Kaplan was also among the ones who joined the hype train. He even added that he would "be in touch soon" with the talented artist.

Since then, this guy created another video where he showcased his ambitious work and, if the previous one didn't blow you away, this one will surely do so:

Blizzard, hire this man already and add the map to your rotation. We beg you!