League of Legends may be the leader on the MOBA market but the audience of Smite is rising with each and every new day and the developers need to push the limit in order to keep the player base satisfied.

Speaking of that, Hi-Rez Studios have announced a whole range of different features coming to Smite in the very near future. The first major update that is set to hit live is a brand new Conquest map. It will be available on the test realm starting from January 17 so the team will allow everyone to try it out and send in their feedback before going public. Along with the new map, we can expect updated visuals and major gameplay changes as well as some interesting field elements that will make the matches clear and even regardless of the side you are playing on.

According to A.J. Walker: " The Season 5 map will feature perfect vertical symmetry between Order and Chaos. Lanes and Jungle paths will have the exact same shape on top and bottom. This balances the map and removes timing differences to each side. Overall, this creates a more consistent gameplay experience". Sounds very exciting indeed!

Along with the new map (and the changes that come along with it), we are also getting a new playable character, Cerberus. This 3-headed beast is a nice homage to the legendary Cerberus from the Greek mythology and we can't wait for patch 4.25 (that is coming on January 9) to try this guy out first-hand. You can see it in action right here:

Along with Cerberus, we can expect new gods coming from Slavic and Voodoo pantheons later on as well.

It looks like all the Smite players are certainly going to have a blast with all these additions coming along the road. If you are not hyped already, after watching this little teaser, that will change in a matter of seconds...