Does anyone need a light, people? It looks like these holidays are reserved only for us, petty mortals, while our heroes get no rest in the Nexus. And the same can be said for Blizzard who are working hard on their MOBA (as well as their other games, no exceptions) and are pushing new heroes every now and then.

The PTR has been updated with the newest hero coming straight from Starcraft - Firebat (also known as Blaze). This guy is a ranged warrior with a heavy focus on setting everything on fire. He can also spread oil all over the battlefield, he can use his jet propulsion to charge forward and use the terrain to his advantage but also to cause some damage to his enemies too. He can also enter bunkers and gain access to Flamethrowers that will deal some heavy fire damage to all enemies within its line of sight. Lastly, he can also use his special "Combustion" ability to slow everyone for 60 seconds and deal intensive damage over time as well. The damage increases with channeling time but, meanwhile, Blaze's movement speed is reduced by 50% too.

Make sure to check out everything first-hand on Blizzard's website as well. If you are eager to test this guy out, do not hesitate to join the PTR and send in your feedback too. You have time until January 8.

And don't miss out on this pretty video either....