And we are in for additional surprises as well according to Mr. Biscay.

Shenmue III is certainly one of the most anticipated games for quite some time. Actually, ever since the whole Kickstarter campaign was launched. It broke the world record and armies of fans were awaiting the final version that was (originally) scheduled for release at the very end of last year. The fact that the game was delayed for the second half of 2018 left many people wondering whether this will be the final release date or whether we might see another delay.

We can put our worries at bay as the founder (and current president) of Shibuya Productions Cedric Biscay confirmed via his official Twitter account that we will definitely get Shenmue III this year.

On top of that, he mentioned some surprises coming along the road as well. We were thinking what could that mean and we remembered that Sega mentioned (back in 2016) that they are thinking about the possibility to remaster the two previous Shenmue games. So, these surprises may very well be that. One can only hope, I guess, but games like Shenmue 1 and 2 definitely deserve this!

Our fingers are crossed and we are eagerly waiting for Shenmue III to arrive this year We will keep our eyes on these surprises as well (of course)!