Fire Emblem saga is one of the most successful RPG franchises of all time and pretty much every game in the series is a gem of its own. As Nintendo is diving more and more into the mobile market, it only comes natural that these folks will try to push their biggest names here as well. Following Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes was released on Android and iOS last year and it was a huge success for Nintendo! Those of you who are actively playing this game even while reading this text (or those of you who used to play it) already know how great and addictive this game really is. And those of you who are not familiar with is the right time to charge your batteries and join the fun!

Why? Because Fire Emblem Heroes is getting some nice holiday updates. Namely, we can see some new variants of Camilla, Azura and Takuma added to the game alongside a special New Year storyline. On top of that, Nintendo released a trailer where we can see all of these new abilities in one place.

Make sure to watch the video down below and, no matter if you are using Android or iOS, now is the right time to start playing the game again and/or to experience it for the first time if you missed out on it last year.