As Niantic already announced, the Pokemon Go's holiday season has officially begun. This event will be active all the way to January 4, 2018 and it will allow you to enjoy all the holiday commodities while playing one of the games that were huge highlights of the previous year. Of course, if you are a Pokemon fan on top of that, even better.

But, the most important part of this event is that the immensely popular Santa Hat Pikachu will be back once again and you will be able to obtain him in the wild(s). Following him, there will be an increase of Ice-type Pokemon roaming around the area for this special occasion as well. One of the earlier leaks that we could find on Reddit suggested that we would also see a highly anticipated Generation 2 Pokemon as well - Delibird. On top of that, for the first time ever, we will see both the Ice-type and the Water-type Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire present during this event as well. Judging by the official artwork, we can assume that we can expect names like Milotic, Snorunt, Sharpedo, Luvdisc as well as the legendary Pokemon, Kyogre.

You can also get your Egg Incubator the first time you visit a Pokestep between today and December 25 and you can also visit the in-game shop during this period as well in order to get some precious holiday goodies (like the new Star Pieces, Lure Modules and Super Incubators). Following that trend, from December 25 to January 4 you will also be able to get new sets of Star Pieces, Super Incubators and Premium Raid Passes.

Let the holidays begin and....happy hunting!