Although we did see multiple different classic games from LucasArts being re-released over the last couple of years (like the iconic sequel to this particular game, Day of the Tentacle, as well as The Secret of Monkey Island, Full Throttle and Grim Fandango), we certainly didn't see Maniac Mansion being remastered. However, regardless of that, this cult 1987 title is now available on Steam and it will have a discount as well (not a permanent one, though, of course).

Maniac Mansion is truly an evergreen game and it set some real standards that were taken by many other adventure games that succeeded it ever since. If we take a look at the recently released Thimbleweed Park, for example, we can easily see that some core gameplay mechanics, as well as the graphics (in general), were heavily inspired by this old classic. Another interesting thing to note (when we already took this particular game as an example) is that the developers behind that project (Gary Winnick and Rob Gilbert) are former employees of LucasArts. So, even though they have their own story going on now, the inspiration is still there and it's quite strong.

We can definitely recommend this game to anyone who wants to play a quality game that is able to withstand the test of time really well even after all these years (and even despite massive technical limitations). All fans of modern adventure games who missed out on this game should also check it out. Equally, people who played Maniac Mansion back in the time now finally have the chance to replay it properly and relive their wonderful memories from the past.

The game will be on discount ($4.01) until January 4, 2018. After that period ends, the game will still be available on Steam but for a price of $5.99.