The Battle Royale concept is spreading like a virus and many online games found a way to adopt it efficiently. PUBG, H1Z1 and Fortnite pretty much invented this genre entirely and now we see that other developers are aiming to have a slice of that delicious cake in their games as well.

I believe we don't need to mention how popular CS:GO is nowadays. Looking at mere numbers, we are pretty confident that not only that its glory isn't going to cease anytime soon, it may rise even more in the future. Especially if Valve keeps adding new stuff to make it continuously engaging as time goes by.

And that is where we come to the point of the newest (potential) leak. There are some pretty hot rumors circling around the CS: GO community and, if they prove to be true, we may see a Battle Royale mode in this game as well! And there is material to support those claims, for sure.

The video that you can find near the bottom of this page goes through all the game patches since May 2016. You can easily spot that, at one point, it is stated that CS:GO is missing things like unarmed combat, light/heavy armor, compound bows, drones, parachutes, supply crates, adrenaline shots, breach charges, night vision goggles....and even more stuff that just screams "survival mode".

Please bear in mind, though, that nothing is official here but it's definitely interesting and we will keep an eye out on Valve for sure.

You can watch the mentioned video down below and judge for yourself whether it's realistic to see a PUBG-like gameplay in CS:GO in the near future or not...